The Ph.D. program in chemistry requires successful completion of a series of courses in a field of specialization, a series of seminar courses, a coursework minor, a Ph.D. candidacy examination, and defense of a thesis describing original research. For a complete list of graduate degree requirements download:

Courses: A student must complete five graduate-level classes at the A or B grade level.

Seminars: Participation in the following seminar classes should be completed by the end of the third semester:

  • Faculty Seminar (CHEM 8901) - Faculty give an overview of their activities to acquaint you with research at Georgia Tech and aid you in selecting a research group.
  • Information Resources for Chemists and Biochemists including Responsible Conduct in Research (CHEM 8002) - A discussion of research ethics, scientific careers, thesis writing, research proposal preparation, and creating engaging presentations.
  • Student Seminar (CHEM 8903) - Seminars presented by second-year graduate students. This series is designed to help you develop presentation skills for your own professional growth. You will receive feedback from faculty and students.

Core requirements: In addition to courses and seminars, Ph.D. candidates must complete the following:

  • A series of literature exams in the core disciplines of chemistry to expose students to current research in chemistry (Pchem, Organic, Analytical, Biochem, Inorganic).
  • A Ph.D. candidacy exam by the end of the second year to evaluate critical thinking, creativity, fundamental knowledge of chemistry, and research progress
  • A data review with the thesis committee approximately six months prior to thesis defense to evaluate research progress and timeline for completion of thesis research
  • A thesis defense describing original research
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