Prof. John Berry

MoSE 3201A
Thursday, February 20, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

New Chemistry of Metal-Metal Bonded Compounds: Toward a Nitrogen Energy Economy

Ammonia has arisen as an attractive potential large-scale energy carrier due to its improved storage and transport over hydrogen, provoking calls to explore a potential Nitrogen Economy. Two fundamental technologies are needed in order to realize a zero-carbon nitrogen energy economy: (1) Ammonia synthesis from solar electricity, and (2) high-performance direct ammonia fuel cells. Both are mechanistically challenging multi-proton, multi-electron transformations, prompting investigations into the fundamental coordination chemistry and reactivity of ammonia with transition metals. We report unusual reactivity of ammonia with metal-metal bonded compounds that results in the spontaneous metal-centered reduction and oxidation of ammonia to dinitrogen. Mechanistic aspects of this chemistry will be presented as well as results on electrocatalytic oxidation of ammonia to dinitrogen.



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Host: Prof. Henry S. La Pierre
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