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Joseph W. Perry

Professor Emeritus


B.S., University of South Florida, 1977 ; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 1984


Physical, Polymer and Materials Chemistry; Optical Science.

Research in the Perry group covers a scientifically and technologically relevant set of multidisciplinary projects including: 1) organic nonlinear optical materials, 2) organic 3D microlasers, 3) ultrafast spectroscopy of excitons and charge transfer processes, 4) nanocomposites and hybrid materials for electrical energy storage, and 5) optical signal amplification using metallic micro- and nano-structures. 

A major emphasis in our research is the study of nonlinear optical properties, such as nonlinear refraction of light, two-photon and multiphoton absorption, and applications of these phenomena for ultrafast optical switching and 3D micro-printing.  In a collaborative synthesis, theory and property characterization program, we seek to develop a fundamental understanding of how to control the interactions of light and matter, which has applications in optical telecommunications, laser based materials patterning, and biological imaging.