Awards Committee: To identify award opportunities, identify relevant faculty for award nominations, draft nomination letters, assemble nomination packages. Coordinates with Communications committee.

  • Chair: Vinayak Agarwal
  • Members: Christy O'Mahony, Yomi Oyelere, John Reynolds, David Sherrill, Ronghu Wu,
  • Ex Officio: Ty Thacker


Communications Committee: Find or create content for web site and Institute audiences; social media engagement. Coordinates with Awards committee.

  • Chair: Mike Evans
  • Members: Stefan France, Will Gutekunst, Raquel Lieberman, Andrew McShan, Jesse McDaniel, Thom Orlando, Amanda Stockton, Loren Williams, Ty Thacker, Daniel Vallejo (postdoc)
  • Undergrad communications group: Sarah Alabbad, Cassandra Betz, Emily Glass, Kristin Jones, Gianne Lee, Zhujun Wu


Development Committee: Work with College and Institute Development resources; focus on developing better outreach to our alumni and interacting with External Advisory Council.

  • Chair: M.G. Finn
  • Members: Facundo Fernandez, Nick Hud, Charles Liotta, Thom Orlando, Pamela Peralta-Yahya, John Reynolds, Angus Wilkinson, Hui Zhu


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Create and implement initiatives to improve departmental research culture, and enhance and support diversity among our students, staff, and faculty .

  • Chair: Stefan France
  • Members: Stefan France, Lynn Kamerlin, Josh Kretchmer, Andrew McShan, Pamela Peralta-Yahya, Pamela Pollet, Carrie Shepler, Carlos Silva, Jenae McCray (staff), Eric Shen (Research Scentist), Suehyun Park (graduate student), Ravyn Malatesta (graduate student), Jorge Rojas Gatjens (graduate student), Karina Bergstrom (undergraduate), Grace Drew (undergraduate)
  • Ex Officio: Mary Peek


Executive Committee (elected): To advise the Chair, develop new initiatives, liaise with division memberships.

  • Chair: M. G. Finn
  • Members: Ronghu Wu, Christoph Fahrni, Kenyetta Johnson Taylor, Mike Evans, Jesse McDaniel, Pamela Peralta-Yahya, Stefan France. Marc Cicerone, Jessica Bowman
  • Ex Officio: Facundo Fernandez, Charles Liotta, Gary Schuster, Jake Soper, Angus Wilkinson


Faculty Search Committee: To draft faculty search ads, evaluate applications, issue interview invitations, collate evaluations from faculty, make hiring recommendations to School. Empowered to solicit participation from all faculty.

  • Chair: Marc Cicerone, Yomi Oyelere
  • Members: Will Gutekunst, Thom Orlando, Pamela Peralta-Yahya, Joseph Sadighi


Graduate Admissions Committee: Evaluate graduate program applications, make admissions decisions.

  • Chair: Will Gutekunst, Kenyetta Johnson Taylor
  • Members: Vinayak Agarwal, David Collard, Aditi Das, M.G. Finn, Josh Kretchmer, Thom Orlando, Joseph Sadighi, Carlos Silva, Loren Williams  


Graduate Recruiting Committee: Advertise and promote the graduate program; coordinate faculty recruiting outreach and other initiatives.

  • Chair: Marc Cicerone, Kenyetta Johnson Taylor
  • Members: Jason Azoulay, Aditi Das, Neha Garg, Will Gutekunst, Lynn Kamerlin, Pete La Pierre, Andrew McShan, Jesse McDaniel, Amit Reddi, Ronghu Wu


Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure (elected): Evaluate and provide letters for promotion and critical review cases.  Terms start July 1 of each year.

  • Chair: Angus Wilkinson
  • Members: Facundo Fernandez, David Collard, Loren Williams, David Sherrill
  • Ex Officio: Ty Thacker


Safety and Risk Management: Promote and sustain a culture of safety; formal management of risks, administer safety program.

  • Chair: Joseph Sadighi
  • Members: Anthony Arduengo, Christoph Fahrni, Will Howitz, Johannes Leisen, Yomi Oyelere, Deborah Santos, Jake Soper, Angus Wilkinson, Hui Zhu,
  • Postdocs and graduate students: Dr. Naresh Eedugurala (Azoulay), Nathan Blackburn (Fahrni), Neil Dodd (Sadighi), Jacob Jeskey (Xia), McKinley Paul (Gutekunst), Chad Pozarycki (Stockton), Dr. Sina Sabury (Reynolds), Yi-Chien Tang (Das)


Seminar: Organize and administer the seminar program, including Colloquia, Divisional, Frontiers, and Student-Run series.

  • Chair: Amit Reddi
  • Members: Vinny Agarwal, Jason Azoulay, Marc Cicerone, Aditi Das, Rob Dickson, Neha Garg, Will Gutekunst, Lynn Kamerlin, Josh Kretchmer, Pete La Pierre, Mary Peek, Joseph Sadighi, Ronghu Wu, John Zhang, Suneesh Karunakaran (Research Scientist), Nasrin Hooshmand (Research Scientist) Dustin Huard (postdoctoral research fellow), Valentino Perez (graduate student)  
  • Ex Officio:   Sandra Lawrence


Teaching Effectiveness: Evaluate the teaching effectiveness of faculty coming up for periodic peer review and promotion. When possible, evaluate teaching by temporary instructors and other faculty.

  • Chair: Pamela Pollet
  • Members: Marc Cicerone, Rob Dickson, Neha Garg, Anh Le, Amit Reddi, Joseph Sadighi, Amanda Stockton


Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Programs (UGAP) Committee:  Administer the undergraduate and graduate programs, propose and evaluate initiatives for improvement.

  • Chair: Angus Wilkinson
  • Members: Rob Dickson, Christoph Fahrni, Facundo Fernandez, Will Howitz, Nick Hud, Mioy Huynh, Kenyetta Johnson Taylor, Yomi Oyelere, Pamela Pollet, Carrie Shepler, David Sherrill, Deborah Santos, Amanda Stockton, John Zhang, Hui Zhu, Alvaro Calderon-Diaz (graduate student), Cassie Betz (CHEM undergraduate major) and Marielle Frooman (BCHM undergraduate major)