All full-time first year graduate students are required to register for at least two approved 3 credit hour lecture courses which count towards the program of study for the Master’s program or PhD program in their first semester and two in their second semester, refer to Section 5.2 of the Chemistry Graduate Student Handbook Students are required to maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.70 for the M.S. and 3.00 for the Ph.D program.  Any student with a lower average will be advised that he or she must improve the GPA to the minimum required for their program in order to continue to receive financial aid.  Students with an overall GPA below 2.70 in graduate chemistry lecture courses will not be allowed to continue graduate study beyond the first two academic semesters.  Descriptions of requirements for MS and PhD degrees are shown Section 4 and 5, respectively of the Chemistry Graduate Student Handbook.  Financial assistance in the form of a teaching or research assistantship requires maintenance of good standing.

All full time graduate teaching and research assistants are required to register during Phase I for 21 credits (of which 12 must be letter grade or pass/fail basis) in the fall and spring semesters and 16 credits (of which 12 must be letter grade or pass/fail basis) during the summer semester.  Schedules will consist of lecture, seminar, assistantship, and thesis hours. (See sections 5.14 - 5.21 of the handbook for suggested schedules).

  • Students are required to register for Chem 8000-Departmental Seminar (1 credit, Thursdays from 4-5 pm unless otherwise noted) during Fall and Spring Semesters until admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy
  •  Teaching Assistants will register for 3 credits of Chem 8997-Teaching Assistantship (if applicable). 
  • The remaining hours will be thesis hours (Chem 7000-Masters Thesis or Chem 9000-Doctoral Thesis).


Transfer and Advanced Standing Credit

Students requesting the use of credit for graduate courses taken at other institutions must petition the graduate committee within the first month of residence at Georgia Tech. The amount of credit which can be transferred, and the way in which it is transferred depends on the program of study (MS see Section 4.5; PhD, see Section 5.4 of the Chemistry Graduate Student Handbook) and performance on courses at Georgia Tech in the first semester or residence. Students who have taken an advanced undergraduate class which covers the same material at the same level as a regularly offered graduate class in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry may apply to take an examination for advanced standing.