The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers coursework leading to a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. This program prepares student for medical, pharmacy, dental, veterinary, physical therapy or graduate school. Laboratory courses are conducted in the new Clough Commons building and in the newly renovated Boggs Building. Below are the recommended eight-semester term programs of study for each degree. The department also offers the research option and the international plan for both degree programs.

B.S. Biochemistry

For the most up-to-date 8-term plans and curriculum maps, contact Dr. Amanda Stephens ( The plans and maps shared here are for the Catalog Year 2021-2022 and will apply to any students who matriculate at GT with a major in Biochemistry or change their major to Biochemistry during the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Research or International Options:
For additional information and TO APPLY for either plan, please see:

Major Change:

Please contact via email or make an appointment via AdvisorLink with Dr. Amanda Stephens (, Clough Commons 584B).