See below for an alphabetical list of the School’s tenure-track, instructional, adjunct, and emeritus faculty. Descriptions of areas of interest of research-active faculty can be found here by interdisciplinary research themes and here by traditional sub disciplines.

Vinayak Agarwal

Associate Professor

(Bio)Organic Chemistry; Discovery and Biosynthesis of Natural Products; Enzymology; Structural Biology; Metabolomics; (Meta)Genomics

Jason Azoulay

Associate Professor, Georgia Research Aliance Vasser Woolley Distinguished Investigator

Organic, Polymer, and Materials Chemistry; Homogenous Catalysis; Optoelectronics; Spin, Magnetic, and Quantum Materials; Chemical Sensing; Devices

Marcus Cicerone


Physical and Biological Chemistry; Label-free vibrational imaging; THz Dynamics of Liquids and Glass; Protein and Vaccine Stabilization

David M. Collard

Professor and Senior Associate Dean, College of Sciences

Organic and Materials Chemistry

Aditi Das

Associate Professor

Biochemistry and Chemical biology of Lipids, Mechanism of Membrane proteins in Nanodiscs using biophysical techniques, Enzymology of metalloproteins

Robert Dickson

Vasser Woolley Professor of Chemistry

Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy; Fluorescence Imaging in Biology; Diagnostics for Drug Resistance

Christoph J. Fahrni


Bioinorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Bioanalytical chemistry, Biophysical chemistry, Fluorescent probes, Metalloproteins, X-ray fluorescence imaging

Facundo M. Fernandez

Regents' Professor and Vasser-Woolley Chair in Bioanalytical Chemistry. Associate Chair for Research and Graduate Training

Analytical Chemistry; Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry: Ambient Sampling/Ionization & Molecular Imaging, Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Metabolomics, Pharmaceutical Forensics

M.G. Finn

Professor and School Chair, James A. Carlos Family Chair for Pediatric Technology

Organic and Materials Chemistry, Chemical Biology; Immunology and Vaccine Development; Click Chemistry Applied to Functional Materials and Biopolymers; Membrane-based Molecular Separations

Stefan France


Organic Chemistry; Synthetic methods development; Natural products synthesis and medicinal chemistry

Neha Garg

Associate Professor

Analytical and Biological Chemistry; Untargeted and Spatial Metabolomics; Chemical Microbiology; Natural Product Discovery and Chemical Ecology; Genomics; Infectious Disease

Will Gutekunst

Associate Professor

Organic and Materials Chemistry; Polymer chemistry informed by modern organic synthesis; Dynamic control of polymer structure and function; New functional and recyclable materials.

Nicholas Hud

Regents' Professor and Julius Brown Professor

Organic and Biological Chemistry; Chemistry at the origin of life; Self-assembling molecules; Nucleic acid chemistry

Lynn Kamerlin

Professor and Georgia Research Alliance Vasser Woolley Chair in Molecular Design

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry; Molecular Evolution; Metallobiochemistry; Protein Design

Peter Kasson


Biophysical and Computational Chemistry; membrane biophysics; single-virus spectroscopy; molecular simulation; infectious diseases

Justin Kim

Associate Professor

Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Bioorthogonal chemistry; Drug target identification; Functional materials for drug delivery

Mijin Kim

Assistant Professor

Analytical and Materials Chemistry; Nanosensor Technologies for Cancer Diagnostics and Research; Fluorescence Imaging/Spectroscopy in Biology

Joshua Kretchmer

Assistant Professor

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Quantum dynamics; Real-time electronic structure; Light-matter interactions; Charge and spin-transport in quantum materials

Julia Kubanek

Professor and Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research

(Bio)Organic Chemistry; (Bio)Analytical Chemistry; Discovery of Natural Products; Metabolomics; Chemical Communication and Ecology

Henry La Pierre

Associate Professor; Director of the NNSA Transuranic Chemistry Center of Excellence; Joint Faculty, Physical Sciences Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Inorganic, Radiological, f-Element and Materials Chemistry; Molecular Magnetism, Spectroscopy

Raquel Lieberman

Professor, Sepcic-Pfiel Chair in Chemistry

Biological chemistry, Biophysical chemistry, structural biology, proteostasis, protein misfolding, amyloid, membrane enzymology, neutron scattering, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease

Charles Liotta

Regents' Professor Emeritus

Organic Chemistry; Flow chemistry applied to synthesis in the chemical industry; Physical organic chemistry

Jesse McDaniel

Assistant Professor

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry; Electrochemistry and electrochemical energy storage applications; Structure and dynamics at interfaces

Andrew McShan

Assistant Professor

Biophysical and Computational Biology; Biochemistry; Structural Biology; Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy; Immunology; Lipid Transfer Proteins; Protein Design; Protein Engineering

Thomas Orlando

Regents’ Professor

Physical Chemistry and Surface Science; Surface chemistry under radiation in space; Electron- and photon-initiated surface processes; Human spaceflight; Air quality detection and improvement

Adegboyega "Yomi" Oyelere


Organic and Biological Chemistry; Drug discovery; Chemical biology; Small Molecule Epigenetic Modifiers

Pamela Peralta-Yahya

Associate Professor

Organic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Synthetic Biology; Biological sensors in evolution and enzymatic pathways; Engineering biological systems for the production of fuels and other functional molecules

Pamela Pollet

Senior Research Scientist

Organic chemistry, synthetic methodologies, flow chemistry, green chemistry & sustainability, undergraduate research & chemical education.

Amit R. Reddi

Associate Professor

Biochemistry; Metalloproteins in biological regulation and disease; Heme and superoxide dismutase trafficking and regulation

John Reynolds


Organic and Materials Chemistry; Polymer chemistry and materials science of electroactive polymers

Joseph Sadighi

Associate Professor

Inorganic Chemistry; organometallic chemistry; catalysis applied to energy and sustaibability

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Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey

Associate Professor

Structural Biology; biochemistry and biophysics of eukaryotic membrane proteins, cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), single particle analysis, electron crystallography

David Sherrill

Regents' Professor

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry; ab initio electronic structure theory and software development; Non-covalent interactions in a variety of settings

Carlos Silva

Canada Excellence Research Chair at the University of Montreal, minor appointment as Professor at Georgia Tech

Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy; Ultrafast spectroscopy of electronic and quantum materials

Jake Soper

Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Operations

Inorganic Chemistry; Transition metal-mediated reactions and synthetic methods

Amanda Stockton

Associate Professor

Analytical Chemistry; Analytical methods and instruments for planetary and terrestrial exploration

Angus Wilkinson

Professor and Associate Chair for Academic Programs

Inorganic and Materials Chemistry; Low and negative thermal expansion materials; Materials synthesis and properties at high pressure; Low CO2 cement systems; Synchrotron x-ray methods development

Loren Williams


Biochemistry; Origins of life; Ribosome origins and evolution; Chemical Evolution

Ronghu Wu


Analytical and Biological Chemistry; Chemical biology; Protein modifications; Protein glycosylation, Cell-surface proteins, Protein dynamics

Younan Xia

Professor, Brock Family Chair and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Nanomedicine

Inorganic and Materials Chemistry, Nanoscience; Shape-controlled synthesis of nanocrystals with applications to biomedicine and catalysis; regenerative medicine

Z. John Zhang


Inorganic and Materials Chemistry; Magnetic nanoparticles; radiation sensing and screening