A Genetic Study of Heme Reductase

Organic Chemistry

BEEPS, a Greener Packaging Material
Synthesis of Flubromazepam Positional Isomers for Forensic Analysis
Synthesis of Propranolol using Flow Chemistry

Bioanalytical Chemistry

Metabolomics Analysis of Coral Bacteria in Coculture
Exploring Relationships Between Phylogeny, Microbiome, and Metabolome of Marine Sponges
Mass Spectrometry-based Peptide Sequencing and Proteomics


Summer 2022

Project: Genetic study of heme reductase
Student: YungEun Lee
Lab PI: Dr. Reddi



Project: Metabolomics analysis of coral bacteria in coculture
Student: Ananya Rao
Lab PI: Dr. Garg



Summer 2021

Project: BEEPS, a greener packaging material
Student: Callie Goins
Lab PI: Dr. Reynolds



Project: Synthesis of Flubromazepam Positional Isomers for Forensic Analysis
Student: Emily Arnold
Lab PI: Dr. France



Project: Exploring relationships between phylogeny, microbiome, and metabolome of marine sponges
Student: Emily Glatter
Lab PI: Dr. Agarwal



Project: Synthesis of propranolol using flow chemistry
Student: Julianna Mercado
Lab PI: Dr. Liotta and Dr. Pollet



Project: Mass spectrometry-based peptide sequencing and proteomics
Student: Zeyu Wang
Lab PI: Dr. Wu