Undergraduate Curriculum - Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is a four-year degree program that can help prepare students for a full range of post-baccalaureate programs and careers. Our laboratory-intensive program of study features a concentration system that allows students focus in specific areas of interest after building on a common core of courses.  All concentrations can be enhanced with the research option or international plan.

B.S. Chemistry

For the most up-to-date 8-term plans and curriculum maps, contact Dr. Hui Zhu (hui.zhu@chemistry.gatech.edu). The plans and maps shared here are for the Catalog Year 2021-2022 and will apply to any students who matriculate at GT with a major in Chemistry or change their major to Chemistry during the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Research or International Options:
For additional information and TO APPLY for either plan, please see:

Major Change and Minors:

Please contact via email or make an appointment via AdvisorLink with Dr. Hui Zhu (hui.zhu@chemistry.gatech.edu, Boggs 2-90J).