Flammable Gases in Research Laboratories

In laboratories equipped with sprinklers, cylinders of flammable gases (such as hydrogen, propane, or acetylene) shall be equipped with excess flow control devices when outside of gas cabinets. Below are examples of excess flow control devices from two suppliers:

  1. Airgas
  2. Matheson

‚ÄčHazardous Gas Laboratory

The hazardous gas laboratory is located Room 2186 in MoSE and was especially designed to safely handle and conduct experiments with hazardous gases like ammonia, hydrogen, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. The laboratory can be used by all members of the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry who wish to conducted experiment involving hazardous gases.

Access to the Hazgas Laboratory

To gain access to the hazgas laboratory, a specific training is mandatory and can be requested by contacting Pamela Pollet (pamela.pollet@chemistry.gatech.edu).