Safety Info

American Chemical Society

Safety Vendors

  • Grainger - Safety supplies ranging from solvents cans, cabinets, signage, RTK labels etc.
  • Fisher Safety - Wide selection of safety supplies
  • McMaster-Carr - Safety glasses, protective equipment, signage, warning lights, floor markings, and tape
  • Uvex - Eye protection
  • Rx Safety - Prescription safety glasses
  • LaserVision - Laser-related safety items: eyewear, face-shields, barriers, signage
  • Industrial Scientific - Gas detection and monitoring instruments
  • Honeywell - Gas detection and monitoring instruments

Safety e-Resources

  • Dow Lab Safety Academy
    • Modular safety videos on a range of laboratory safety and safety culture related topics. Click here to acess the website.

Chemical & Engineering News Safety Letters

C&EN has published Safety Letters since 1993. The letters cover a wide variety of hazards and/or accidents that have occurred. It is a valuable resource to keep up-to-date with some of the safety challenges our profession faces and potential strategies to prevent accidents and promote safety culture.

Regulatory Agencies