The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry is committed to providing exceptional academic and career advisement to its undergraduate majors. On an individual basis, students meet with advisors throughout the year and at least once a term to discuss issues such as course selection, graduation requirements, undergraduate research, internship, and career opportunities. Undergraduate advisors include Dr. Hui Zhu (advisement coordinator), Dr. Michael Evans, Dr. Mioy Huynh, Dr. Anh Le, Dr. Christy O'Mahony,  Dr. Mary Peek, Dr. Pamela Pollet, Dr. Deborah Santos, and Dr. Carrie Shepler.  Advisors may be contacted via email or AdvisorLink. Current student can find their assigned academic advisor by logging into the Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors Canvas site and following the instructions on the home page. Undergraduates may also contact Dr. Hui Zhu ( to determine their advisor.

Registration support:

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Tutoring and Academic Support Services

A number of FREE tutoring and academic support resources (e.g., stress management workshops, study skill training) are available for students on the Georgia Tech campus.

Progress Grades

Progress grades are assigned for all 1000- and 2000-level courses at Georgia Tech. Assigned at approximately the fourth week of the term, these grades provide students with an understanding of their current performance in their coursework. A grade of satisfactory (i.e., coursework performance at the C level or better) or unsatisfactory (coursework performance of D or F) is provided by the instructor. These grades are not a part of the student's permanent transcript but should prompt the student to take immediate action to address issues related to poor performance.

A progress advisement meeting is also required for the following chemistry and biochemistry students with unsatisfactory progress grades in any 1000- or 2000-level courses:

  • Any first-year student with an unsatisfactory progress grade
  • Any undergraduate, not in good standing, with one or more unsatisfactory progress grades
  • Any undergraduate with two or more unsatisfactory progress grades

Degree Candidates and Graduation

Degree candidates must complete an online application for graduation. The Institute window opening date for filing an online application and deadline can be found in the official calendars. The window for filing a re-application can also be found in the official calendars.

All graduates are required to perform an exit interview one week prior to graduation. Please schedule an exit interview with Prof. Angus Wilkinson. In addition, degree candidates should complete the online Post Graduation Contact Form.