The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry benefits greatly from the considerable generosity of its alumni and friends. Funds donated for immediate use, or to provide support in perpetuity through the creation of an endowment, are very valuable to us.

Past gifts, both large and more modest, have helped in many ways. Endowed faculty chairs have aided the recruitment of some outstanding faculty members, including Professor El-Sayed, who ~13 years after his move to Georgia Tech was the sole recipient of the 2007 National Medal of Science, the most prestigious award given by any U.S.-based organization to recognize outstanding contributions to science. More modest gifts allow us to invite internationally recognized scientists to speak and meet with our students as part of our seminar program, provide funds for our undergraduates to attend professional conferences and build professional contacts while gaining a broader exposure to chemical science, and aid the activities of organizations such as our Young Professionals Group, an organization focused on the professional needs of the many young Ph.D. scientists who work on various components of the school's research portfolio.

The following list shows some of the areas where funds from alumni and friends are of great value to the school:

  1. Graduate student fellowships to help us attract highly talented students
  2. Undergraduate scholarships and prizes to recognize academic excellence and support students in their endeavors
  3. Assistance for the activities of student organizations, such as our Women in Chemistry Committee, our student affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society, our Graduate Student Forum, and our Young Professionals Group, all of which are dedicated to enriching the experiences of students, postdoctoral scholars, and research scientists, and supporting them in their professional endeavors   
  4. Assistance with student participation as presenters at professional conferences, such as regional and national ACS meetings
  5. Faculty fellowships to support the professional development of young tenure track faculty members and academic professionals
  6. Endowments supporting the creation of seminar series so that our students, faculty, and postdocs have greater opportunities to meet and learn from leading scientists
  7. Endowed chairs to help us attract internationally recognized scientists to join the faculty of our school and support the work of our most talented existing faculty members

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help our students, faculty, and staff as they strive for excellence, contact Amanda Puche, or (404) 894-3529