The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry has vibrant programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. The flexibility of each curriculum allows students to study fundamental areas of chemistry or biochemistry while tailoring their degree with technical and free electives to produce a well-rounded experience in preparation for a variety of career opportunities. 

Students may pursue a general or tailored track toward a B.S. in chemistry. Options include tracks with a biochemistry, business, polymer and materials, or pre-health focus. In comparison, the B.S. in biochemistry offers students the opportunity to complete a significant amount of coursework and training in the biological sciences and pursue tailored tracks with a business or pre-health focus. In addition to coursework requirements, students in the program participate in a variety of experiential programs, including undergraduate research, cooperative work, study abroad, undergraduate internship, and undergraduate teaching assistance.

Faculty in the school are committed to undergraduate education, and several have won awards for excellence in teaching. With a faculty to student ratio of approximately 1:9, the school prides itself on the close contact that it maintains with its undergraduate students. 

The high quality of the curriculum and faculty is part of the reason chemistry and biochemistry graduates receive job offers at the highest salary levels for B.S. chemists and biochemists. Graduates of either bachelor's program pursue careers in such diverse fields as forensics, nanoscience, biotechnology, or pharmaceuticals in industry or governmental organizations, or they may continue their education in the chemical or biological sciences or in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and law. Chemistry, especially with the pre-health or biochemistry option (or the stand-alone Biochemistry B.S. degree with the pre-health option) is a superb preparation for medical school. The B.S. in Chemistry (traditional, biochemistry, business, or polymers and materials tracks) is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The B.S. in Biochemistry is recommended by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.