Title: Harnessing Multi-Electron Redox Chemistry to Access Unprecedented Actinide Moieties


Actinide elements have reactivity that is very different from their transition metal and lanthanide counterparts. Their redox chemistry is especially different, since they can access highly oxidized ions and very electron rich species.  In our laboratory, we have been taking advantage of the ability of these elements to attain high coordination numbers and support species with many actinide-element multiple bonds. In this presentation, a family of uranium imido complexes will be presented, along with a uranium(VI) pentakis (imido) tetranion, as well as an unusual thorium series supported by redox active ligands. These ligands facilitate redox chemistry at this otherwise redox-inactive metal, thus facilitating the synthesis of an unusual a terminal oxo species, derived from activation of dioxygen. Spectroscopic, structural, magnetic and computational data that support formation of these new compounds will also be presented.