The Role of Chemical Process Development at BMS: A Multi-faceted Approach 


At Bristol Myers Squibb, we work every day to transform patients’ lives through science. We combine the agility of a biotech with the reach and resources of an established pharmaceutical company to create a leading pharma/biopharma company powered by talented individuals who drive scientific innovation.  Chemical Process Development (CPD) serves a key role is establishing robust synthetic routes for making active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for toxicological screening and scale-up for material used in clinical trials, ultimately leading to large scale manufacturing.  CPD consists of synthetic chemists, chemical engineers and analytical chemists who work together to deliver quality API for final formulation while keeping a focus on sustainability.  Teamwork is key to developing a successful process, where chemists are enabled to evaluate novel and creative synthetic schemes, engineers are challenged on how to scale-up processes including traditional and unique applications such as photo- and electro-chemistry, while analytical support delves into the traditional techniques as well as process analytical technology (PAT) using advanced spectroscopy-based analyses for small and large molecules.  The presentation will highlight an overview of CPD and cover some of the unique approaches we take in providing quality API.