The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry has its operations spread over six different building on the GT campus. Our administrative offices and a large fraction of our research effort are housed in the Molecular Science and Engineering (MoSE) building (#167). While its street address is 901 Atlantic Drive, its main entrance looks out onto a quadrangle surrounded by the MoSE, Ford ES&T, IBB, and Whitaker buildings. (See campus map for locations) We also have several research groups in the Institute for Bioscience and Engineering (IBB), Ford Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T), Institute for Paper Science and Technology, and the Boggs buildings. Our upper level undergraduate instructional laboratories are located in the Boggs building, and our freshman instructional laboratories are located in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (CULC). The north campus deck provides parking for visitors that is convenient for the MoSE, IBB, and ES&T buildings. To access the north campus parking deck: Heading NORTH on I-85/I-75; take the 10th Street exit, then turn LEFT on 10th Street. Heading SOUTH on I-85/I-75; take the 10th Street exit, then turn RIGHT on 10th Street. Then turn LEFT from 10th Street onto State Street. Turn left into the parking deck entrance, which is located just past the deck itself. A Google map showing the location of the parking deck relative to MoSE, IBB, and ES&T can be accessed here (the parking deck is located on the corner of Peachtree Place and State Street, but note that Peachtree Place is closed to all vehicles).