The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry recently highlighted and celebrated research by graduate students at the 2022 Graduate Student Research Symposium. The event included two days of posters and oral presentations and an awards ceremony honoring the research and service of graduate students. Congratulations to all of the award winners!

SoCB Research Faculty Awards

High-Impact Communication Award: Olatomiwa Bifarin

Community Leadership Impact Award – 1st Place: Eric Shen

Community Leadership Impact Award – runner-up, K-12 outreach: Anton Petrov

Community Leadership Impact Award – runner-up, Community Leadership: Micah Schaible


Symposium Presentation Awards

First Place Presentation: Alice (Minh Thu) Ma (Lieberman Group) 

Second Place Presentation: Annemieke Janssen (Xia Group) 

Third Place Presentation: Jessica M. Deutsch (Garg Group) 


Runner-ups: Senhan Xu (Wu Group), Zachary Glick (Sherrill Group), Suehyun Park (McDaniel Group) 

William Emerson Best Poster Award: Nikki Aiosa (Garg), Ravyn Malatesta (Silva)

Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Award: Austin Shoemaker


Other Awards

William Emerson Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards:

First-year Chemistry: Daniel Bodine

Biochemistry (CHEM 4511): Chris Whittington, Vahab Rajaei

Synthesis Lab (CHEM 2380/3380): Tiffany Barker

Physical Chemistry Lab (3481): Dariia Yehorova


William Emerson Best Second Year Seminar Awards: Hailee Scelsi (Lieberman), Jacob Jeskey (Xia)

William Emerson Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award: Nikki Aiosa (Garg), Kellie Stellmach (Gutekunst), Ravyn Malatesta (Silva)

The William Starnes Graduate Research Fellowship: Alice (Minh Thu) Ma (Lieberman) 

Hurley Award: Katie Kuo (Gumbart), Mathilda Willoughby (Reddi)

Moody Award: Andrew McAvoy (Garg)