Contact Information

(404) 385-6053
MoSE 1239

Stephen Barlow

Principal Research Scientist


B.A., University of Oxford; D.Phil., University of Oxford


My interests are broadly in synthetic, structural, and spectroscopic investigations of structure-property relationships for organic and metal-organic molecular and polymeric materials with interesting optical, redox, and electronic properties, and in the application of these properties in electronic and/or photonic materials. Specific areas of interest include: organic semiconductors and their applications in light-emitting diodes, solar cells, and transistors; organic and metal-organic n- and p-dopants for organic semiconductors and surface modification; organic and organometallic chromophores for second- and third-order nonlinear optical applications such as electrooptic and all-optical switching, respectively; mixed-valence compounds as model systems for studying electron-delocalization and electron-transfer phenomena; and hybrid metal-halide perovskites and related structures.