Recent News

  • Safety "hands-on" training - September 05, 2015
    First year graduate students are engaged in a "hands-on" safety training with members of EH&S and the School.
  • Safety News -- March - March 13, 2015
    Award Nomination and Survey
  • Safety minutes - February 03, 2015
    "Safety minutes" delivered at the beginning of meetings are effective at promoting and maintaining interest in safety issues. Some key on-line resources can provide ideas and materials for safety moments.
  • Safety Representatives Meeting - February 03, 2015
    Meeting: February 11 at 1 pm in 3201A (MoSE)
  • Chemistry Demonstration Safety - December 08, 2014
    Four fires from educational demonstrations have injured 22 children and two adults since the start of September 2014.


Statement from the School

The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry places the safety of its students and employees above all other considerations. We strive to promote a culture of safety that integrates the careful consideration and management of potential hazards into all of our activities, including business operations, research projects, and educational programs.

The school’s safety committee, which is composed of faculty, staff, and students, partners with the school administration and Institute Environmental Health and Safety office, to assist our students and employees in the safe conduct of their work and studies.


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