The research, which was published in Nature Astronomy last month, has the potential to impact our understanding of how water, a critical resource for life and sustained future human missions to the Moon, formed and continues to evolve.
The membranes would improve distillation processes that account for 1% of the world’s energy use.
Early stage company from M.G. Finn lab developing drug delivery system for sustained, extended release that can vary from days to weeks
Origin-of-life chemists from Scripps Research and the Georgia Institute of Technology propose that glyoxylate could have been the original source of sugars on the “prebiotic” Earth.
Newly announced AI Hub at Georgia Tech will unite AI entities across campus, enabling the Institute to align on goals to become an international thought leader in AI.
Awarded to Lily Cheung and Simon Sponberg, the grants will fund cutting-edge research in their fields.
Five Georgia Tech College of Sciences researchers have been awarded CAREER grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF).
Spotlight on the recipients of the award
Georgia Tech researchers apply an economics theory to study the building blocks of biological evolution
Launched in 2020, SSI has evolved into a full-fledged, student-run program to collect and process samples for research labs.