The John Bryant family honors the legacies of Frank Mayo, J.C. Shaw, and Atif Dabdoub. (Photo Renay San Miguel)

This story, written by Beverley Sylvester, first appeared on the website of the Georgia Tech Office of Development.

"The history of these honorees is the history of chemistry in the Southeast,” said M.G. Finn, chair of the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry and James A. Carlos Family Chair for Pediatric Technology, at the dedication of three classrooms in the Molecular Science and Engineering Building.

As a result of the generous philanthropy of John Bryant, these rooms now honor three individuals whose work in the chemical industry is significant not only to Georgia Tech but to the country: Frank Mayo; Julius Clarence “J.C.” Shaw Sr., TEXT 1922; and Atif Dabdoub, Ph.D. CHEM 1976.

Faculty, friends, and staff who attended enjoyed remarks from Bryant and Finn celebrating the honorees and those who have supported their success in chemical research and education. One of Bryant’s hopes for the named spaces is that students will learn about Mayo, Shaw, and Dabdoub and become inspired to enter the field of chemistry when they graduate.

Bryant’s grandfather, Frank Mayo, attended Georgia Tech in 1922. As a young man, Bryant saw his grandfather “do nothing but work” throughout his life. Mayo was passionate about all sciences, with a special affinity for geology and chemistry. His bleach business, Farm and Industrial Chemical (which would later merge into Mayo Chemical), was a testament to Mayo’s love and knowledge of both chemistry and business.

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