The membranes would improve distillation processes that account for 1% of the world’s energy use.
The College of Sciences graduate students were chosen as 2023-24 Herbert P. Haley Fellowships for their research and academic achievements
ADVANCE post-doctoral scholar Dr. Daniel Vallejo assisted in the investigation of a loom at the Museum of Papermaking.
Three classrooms for the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry are named for Georgia Tech alumni and supporters, thanks to the John Bryant family.
Raquel Lieberman has received new NIH support for long-running research into myocilin, a protein linked to childhood glaucoma. The professor is joined by Ph.D. student Gwen Thomas in the search for answers.
Early stage company from M.G. Finn lab developing drug delivery system for sustained, extended release that can vary from days to weeks
ScienceMatters, the podcast of the College of Sciences, brings more tales of curiosity and discovery. Season 2 is now live at
Graduate student award competition on October 19.
Chemistry students receive awards.
Georgia Tech Researchers Help Identify Fake Drugs.