Dr. Ravyn Malatesta in graduation garb.

Dr. Ravyn Malatesta (Ph.D. 2024), a recent graduate from the laboratory of Dr. Carlos Silva, has been awarded a prestigious Jill Hruby Postdoctoral Fellowship at Sandia National Laboratories. Named after the first woman appointed director of a national security laboratory, this fellowship targets female scientists interested in technical leadership related to national security. Through this program, Malatesta will conduct independent research on quantum light sources at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnology (CINT) and receive mentorship from a senior member of the technical staff at Sandia. Additionally, she will participate in a unique leadership development program that offers opportunities to review research proposals and engage with government relations.


“I am thrilled to join a program that not only supports me in pursuing some hard and exciting science but will also allow me to keep pushing for the changes I want to see in the broader scientific community,” Dr. Malatesta commented.


The Hruby Fellowship is a three-year appointment. More information about the program and past winners can be found here.